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Courses Outline Cakephp3 Framework

Course Outline Given Below

  1. Introduction to Cakephp
  2. Concept of Composer
  3. Install& Use of open source distributed version control system GIT
  4. Concept & Use of GitHub for hosting GIT repositories
  5. Configuring Cakephp
  6. Project Structure
  7. Setting up Development and Debugging Tools

  1. Basic Routing
  2. Named Routing
  3. Grouped Routing
  4. Routing Parameters
  5. Handling Invalid Routes
  6. Route filtering with Middleware

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Controllers
  3. Restful Resource Controllers
  4. Controller Routing
  5. Controller Middleware

  1. Handling Request Info.
  2. Request Inputs
  3. Form Inputs
  4. Old Inputs
  5. Cookies
  6. Files

  1. Attach Headers and Cookie to response
  2. Response with View
  3. Response with JSON
  4. Response with File

  1. Introduction
  2. Migration
  3. Schema Building
  4. Migration Structure
  5. Running Migration
  6. Writing Migration
  7. Seeding
  8. Database Configuration
  9. Running Raw SQL queries

  1. Eloquent ORM
  2.  Defining Model
  3.  Retrieving Model
  4. Insert & Update Model
  5. Deleting Model
  6. Eloquent Relationship
  7. One to One
  8. One to Many
  9. Many to Many

  1. Passing data to view
  2. Sharing data to all views
  3. Blade Template Engine
  4. Introduction
  5. Template Inheritance
  6. Displaying Data
  7. Implement Control Structures

  1. Installation
  2. Generating form
  3. CSRF Protection
  4. Form Elements
  5. Labels
  6. Text, Text Area, Password & Hidden Fields
  7. Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  8. File Input
  9. Number Input
  10. Date Input
  11. Drop-Down Lists
  12. Buttons
  13. Custom Form Macros

  1. Authentication our application
  2. Introduction
  3. Configuring Auth Library
  4. Creating authentication system using Middleware
  5. Artisan Console
  6. Concept
  7. Exception Handling and Error Logging
  8. Cakephp Helpers
  9. Briefing through available helpers
  10. Mail
  11. Configuring & sending mail
  12. Pagination
  13. Session
  14. Cache
  15. Event
  16. Cakephp’s events provides a simple observer implementation, allowing you to subscribe and listen for
  17. events in your application.
  18. Localization
  19. Helps create Multi-language application
  20. Validation
  21. Validation approaches
  22. Validation Rules with associating messages
  23. Custom Rules with associating custom messages

  1. Request Lifecycle
  2. Gives knowledge of how Cakephp actually works.
  3. Facade
  4. Provides an easy way of accessing application class and librairies.
  5. Service Providers in Cakephp
  6. Service providers are the central place of all Cakephp application bootstrapping.
  7. Service Containers in Cakephp
  8. Service container is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection.

  1. Packages are the primary way of adding our custom functionality to Cakephp which aren’t provide by framework. ACL ( Access Control List ) System using Cakephp Authorization and available Cakephpacl packages Design Patterns followed while developing ecommerce web application
  2. MVC
  3. Repository Pattern
  4. Strategy Pattern
  5. Performing Gulp tasks using CakephpElixier Use of Bower for managing Client Side Package Management System Unit Testing using Cakephp’s built in Test Component.

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