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Social Media Marketting

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Social Media Marketing

Course Outline Given Below

The Introductory social media training course is aimed at those in businesses that are keen to establish a Social Media profile, and in using the same to develop a competitive edge. Participants will gain the knowledge to plan a low cost approach to effective marketing.
By the end of the course, participants will have started to use Social Media effectively for market their businesses.
Participants are given tasks to complete after each module. This is to reinforce the learning from that session. Tasks are reviewed at the beginning of the next training module. This tactic has proven to be very effective.

  1. Identify how Facebook is Word of Mouth Online
  2. Setting up a Facebook Business Page Correctly
  3. Outline the differences between a Facebook Profile, Group & Page
  4. Explore the 3 types of Facebook Posts (Organic, Viral & Paid)
  5. Selecting an appropriate Cover Photo & Profile Photo
  6. Prepare how to write a professional business description
  7. Explore the best Practices for Posting on Facebook (Includes uploading images & inserting links. E.g. Adding presentations and videos,
  8. Select the steps on how to build your page audience
  9. Administering your page,
  10. Customizing without coding,
  11. Newsletter sign ups
  12. Feeding your blog to your Facebook page,
  13. Building brand awareness
  14. Introduction to Facebook Analytics
  1. Explore Facebook Admin Panel
  2. Relevant third party applications for business pages
  3. Identify Facebook Competition Rules & running competitions
  4. Identify the different types of Facebook Advertising
  5. Select the Steps to Setting Up Facebook Ads
  6. Explore Advertising Performance
  7. Content that gets results on Facebook,
  8. Techniques for building and engaging your fan base,
  9. Advanced Analytics
  1. How can Social Media marketing help your business
  2. How does Twitter work
  3. Setting up a Twitter profile for your business
  4. Customising your Twitter profile
  5. Understanding Twitter Terminology
  6. Following & Followers
  7. Download the Twitter App onto Smartphone
  8. Best practices for tweeting
  9. Using the video service Vine
  10. Using Link Shortening Service
  11. How to use Promoted Tweets and Accounts
  12. How to join in the conversation on Twitter (Hashtags)
  1. Identify the reasons for using LinkedIn
  2. Identify the steps to complete a LinkedIn Profile
  3. How to Create & Build Connections
  4. Explore LinkedIn Company Profiles
  5. Identify LinkedIn Engagement Practices
  6. Joining Relevant Groups
  1. Explore the benefits of using Google+ & YouTube
  2. Identify the steps to setting up a Google+ Profile
  3. Completing a YouTube Channel
  4. How to Upload Videos on YouTube
  5. Optimising Videos on YouTube
  6. Best Practices for setting up a Business Blog
  7. Blogging Tips

This course gives participants a practical understanding of how to use Facebook as a marketing tool to achieve organisational goals.  Training is tailored to the client’s requirements in terms of content, pace and practical exercises which are carried out on the client’s Facebook page.

  1. Review of Facebook Set up
  2. 8 Ways to Improve the Organic Reach of Facebook Posts
  3. How to develop an effective posting strategy that incorporates a businesses’ value proposition
  4. Understanding the Facebook algorithm and how it impacts Facebook business pages
  5. Canvas as an image editing tool for social media
  6. How to use Facebook Insights to improve page performance
  7. Facebook Advertising
  8. How to set up targeted audiences
  9. 6 different types of Facebook Ads
  10. Designing Ads that get results

The aim of the program is to assist those who already have an established Facebook business presence and who wish to use advanced techniques to augment its reach.

  1. How to develop an effective posting strategy
  2. Planning content that can be scheduled
  3. Steps to creating a content calendar
  4. Using smartphones to manage your online social media presence
  5. Using Facebook Insights to interpret results and plan for future posts
  6. Planning a Facebook Advertising Campaign
  7. Advanced features for managing a business/community page

This course has been successfully delivered for a number of Local Enterprise Offices and Leader Companies in Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon.  It can also be tailored and delivered for corporate organisations.   Corporate training includes an indept review of existing Facebook pages, recommendations on changes to be made and a follow up report incorporating feedback gathered

  1. What is Twitter?
  2. How to set up a Twitter Profile
  3. How to represent your brand on Twitter
  4. Practical business applications
  5. Understanding Twitter Terminology
  6. How to Tweet
  7. Twitter Etiquette
  8. Using Lists
  9. Creating a Hashtag policy
  1. How businesses can use LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn Terminology Explained
  3. How to setup and complete a LinkedIn Profile
  4. How to expand your Connections on LinkedIn
  5. Ways to Interact on LinkedIn
  6. Review 10 Most Common Posts/Updates
  7. Recommendations & Endorsements
  8. Explore LinkedIn Company Profiles & Groups
  9. How to grow Company followers
  10. Tips for Job Hunting on LinkedIn