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WEB Design

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Web Design and Development

Course Outline Given Below

  1. How website works?
  2. What is Graphic design
  3. What are design software’s
  4. What is logos and how can we design a brand logo
  5. What is animation how to create 2D, 3D animation
  1. Basic HTML Tags
  2. Hyperlink
  3. Images
  4. Form
  5. Basic HTML Tags
  6. Hyperlink
  7. Images
  8. Form
  1. Basic use of css
  2. Formatting the page with CSS
  3. Understanding DIV
  4. Make a simple website using DIV/CSS
  1. Learn to use tools of Photoshop
  2. Photo editing
  3. Photo Mixing
  4. Creating banners
  5. Understand filters
  6. Create one website layout
  1. How to use Text Editor for quick code
  2. Menus, tools, panes
  3. Images and multimedia
  4. Layouts, Layers, CSS and tables
  5. Java scripts insertion
  6. Creating first Website
  1. Drawing with Corel Draw
  2. Logo Design With Corel Draw
  3. Editing .eps files/li>
  4. Export Logo into JPEG or png.
  1. Basic Javascript
  2. Javascript Basic Tags
  3. String
  4. Array
  5. Functions
  1. Basic JQuery
  2. jQuery Introduction & Basic Tags
  3. Hide/Show
  4. jQuery Fade
  5. jQuery Slide
  6. jQuery Animate
  7. jQuery stop()
  8. jQuery Callback
  9. jQuery Chaining
  10. jQuery HTML
  1. Intro
  2. Slice your Design with HTML5
  3. New Elements
  4. Canvas/SVG
  5. Drag/Drop
  6. Geolocation
  7. Video / Audio
  8. Input Types
  9. Form Elements
  10. Form Attributes
  1. Do your slicing with responsive website
  2. How to use HTML5 for responsive
  3. How to use CSS3 for responsive
  4. Project
  1. Download latest version of Bootstrap
  2. Install and configure
  3. Understanding BootStrap Grid System
  4. Understanding BootStrap Grid System
  5. Creating rows
  6. Creating columns
  7. Creating cells with the grid system.
  8. Make a responsive photogallery
    CSS with Bootstrap
  9. Use bootstrap classes for content, images and learn how to override those styles.
  10. Understanding BootStrap Components
  11. Use inbuilt components like navigation, breadcrumbs, paginations, icons, etc.
  12. Jquery with Bootstrap
  13. Add JavaScript components like dropdown menus, tooltips, popovers, alert boxes, etc to your pages.
  1. What is Parallax
  2. What is benefits of Parallax
  3. How to develop a Parallax website
  4. Practical Example
  1. Less Introduction
  2. Less Installation
  3. How to run Less on the Server
  4. Getting started with LESS
  5. Hello World LESS
  6. What is variable in Less
  7. How to Use Variables in Less
  8. Understanding Mixin
  9. Creating a Mixin
  10. What is Nested Rules
  11. Refactoring Rules
  12. Using namespaces and scoping
  1. What is SASS
  2. Less Vs. Saas
  3. Installing Saas on Windows Os
  4. SASS on the Server
  5. Using Sass And Coffee
  6. Variables
  7. How to use Variables in Saas
  8. What is Rules
  9. What is Refactoring Rules
  10. How to use @import
  11. Dimporting SASS and CSS
  12. What is @extend
  13. Inheritance in Rules
  14. How to use @mixin in SAAS
  15. Creating Mixins
  16. @function
  17. How to create Functions
  18. Control Directives
  19. Using @if, @where and @for
  1. What is Multi-Level menu
  2. How to Design Multi level menu
  3. Practical Example
  1. What is Psudo-Class
  2. How to apply Psudo Class
  3. What is before and After in CSS
  4. Practical Example of Before and After
  1. Understanding Http
  2. Why we need Sprite CSS
  3. Practical Example of Sprite CSS
  1. What is Angular JS
  2. Expression and Directives
  3. Controller View and Model
  4. Angular JS Filters
  5. Angular JS form validation
  1. What is SEO and SEO friendly websites?
  2. Why we need to design an SEO friendly websites.
  3. Design factors which affects SEO.
  4. Things we need to keep in mind while coding a website.
  5. HTML code optimization
  6. Proper use of h1,h2..h6 tags
  7. Meta title, description and keywords optimization.
  8. Page load optimization.
  9. Image optimization.
  10. Links and navigation optimization
  11. URL optimization.
  12. Understanding Schema and Micro formats
  13. How to minify CSS and JavaScript
  1. Host Introduction
  2. Host email & domains
  3. How to build a websites?
  4. FTP and host technology
  5. Host type

At this level the students will get involved with on-going international projects under the guidance of industry experts. They will gather valuable firsthand experience working shoulder to shoulder with the companies working professionals.